The Launch


It’s your debut in the company… and it’s not immediate. Your launch will be once you are 100% autonomous in your functions, and you have integrated the culture of the company. In the meanwhile, we are here to go along with, so you could enjoy the trip.

We use to say that you are not really a part of Telecoming until you have attended a corporate (and fantastic) event. Our SuperCom team prepares 2 big events during the year: one for Christmas and a cool summer party.


Christmas event

It’s the moment to celebrate the end of the year and the great work we have all done during this time. We use to talk about the company goals, the challenges we will face and the strategy for the future. We organize it with great enthusiasm, creativity and love.


Summer party

It’s our great outdoor event. It combines a challenging team-building activity (prepared with our great People team) with the coolest party you will ever attend. Honestly, we cannot define it with words… so this video will help you to understand what we are talking about.


If you’ve come this far, perhaps nothing can stop you.

Being 100% Telecoming also means …

Social Commitment: In Telecoming, we share our concern for the environment, and we are committed to implementing actions in the office that help us protect the planet. The initiative All Involved collects all the ideas and proposals of the teams on actions that allow us to change the world every day. #TheRealChallenge

Little Great Hits: We like to celebrate, and that’s why every month we commemorate a company milestone… it’s what we call Little Great Hits. 

If you love diversity as much as we do, be part of the experience!